• Isabela Porcius


Nowadays, people tend to enjoy living more and more in their parallel lives within the digital environment. But this phenomenon comes with its own challenges and responsibilities. The main challenge, which is also a responsibility, is to ensure cybersecurity.

Encryption represents one of the most commonly used information security measures, but, at the same time, a very debatable measure. Despite its vital role for ensuring cybersecurity, encryption also facilitates criminal activities in cyberspace and even cyberterrorism.

Therefore, I am going to present the two antagonistic ways in which encryption can be used, namely, cybersecurity and cybercrime, and their impact on the life of every person and on society as a whole. When analyzing the dual nature of using encryption, it is equally important to discuss the topic of encryption vulnerabilities, which undoubtedly generate data vulnerability. In this context, a lot of controversy has risen around the issue of State intervention through backdoors.



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