• Ioana Sasu-Bolba


Nowadays, more and more is said about the importance of a serious and adequate collaboration between Romania and other countries in EU, or between Romania and USA. This is first and foremost an act of communication and implies, as it should, more than one aspect. One of these aspects, a very important one and possibly the first one, should we rank them one above the other, obviously is the possibility of speaking the language of a particular country or, at least, be able to speak a foreign international language. We repeat it again and again as we have, unfortunately, learned about official Romanian delegations, whose members didn’t speak any foreign language. The question of how they managed to undestand the others (one should say they used translators, but the method is often overpassed today, and something more is expected from us) or what they were able to make out of all that was said there is justifiedly asked, as they themselves didn’t understand a word of any language spoken there! This is why learning foreign languages, including all possible levels, is absolutely neccesary. In the same context, we encounter the neccesity of learning „technical” terms, specific to a certain branch of activity, that is to say specialized vocabularies. This is the very theme of the present paper.



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