Rodica-Diana Apan, Angela Miff


The legal regime of industrial parks, in what regards their set-up, organization and functioning, is regulated in a modern approach through Law no. 186 of 25 June 2013. The legal-economic mechanism embodied in the concept of ”industrial park” is regulated for the mission of: stimulating direct investments, domestic and foreign, in industry, services, scientific research and technological development and innovation, regional development, development of small, medium and large companies, creating new jobs. No doubt this mechanism is an effective instrument for the growth of a business. For this reason the law regulates the substantive and formal conditions governing the set-up of industrial parks, the competence to handle the application for obtaining the industrial park title and the procedure for issuing the title. The relationship between the manager of the park and its residents is materialized by the conclusion of a management and related services contract, which also stipulates their duties and responsibilities in the operation of the industrial park.

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