Alexandru Cicală


Abortions in the Republic of Moldova is a national problem and causes an irreparable harm to the reproductive health of population. However, illegal abortions are one of the causes of death for pregnant women. Our work is based on studying the social factors, which determine the illegal abortions among young minors. The studies show that a growing number of young minors remaina ccidentally pregnant, which leads them to resort to the easiest solution for such an unfavorable situation: criminal abortion.The most important problem of the sexual behavior of adolescents presents the unwanted pregnancy, being an important and complex problem that associates with multiple consequences on the health and wellbeing of the population, particularly on adolescent girls. Currently, there is a tendency to see the phenomenon of childbirth in a teenager period mainly from the perspective of a problematic or risky sexual behavior, or the sexual behavior presentsitself a result of the exposure of women to multiple risk factors during childhood and adolescence. However, teen pregnancy is not only the result of sexual risk-taking, but is also strongly influenced by the social and economic environment, the educational potential of the family, the awareness about the modern contraceptive methods etc. The work proposed for research examines both the demographic dimension of the phenomenon of teenage pregnancy and social factors that favor the production of illegal abortions among young minors.

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