Serhii Kidalov


Supporting the international community in the sphere of human rights, Ukraine has undertaken a major commitment in the field of human rights. Where the process of formation of human development, namely the desire to live, work in harmony with their values, society and nature started. In particular, the issue of human rights also involves such significant issues as protection of children. Today in Ukraine there are a large number of regulations that protect the rights of children, but the problem of socio-economic development, institutional system of protection and principles of distribution of resources, directly or indirectly affect the situation of children. At the same time representative is the development and formation of the institute of the Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children's Rights, formation of legal framework that aims to ensure the implementation of children's rights to life, health, education, social protection and comprehensive development. Much effort has been also made by NGOs working in the field of child protection so that each child felt like full member of society. In particular, the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine" in the project "Children's Rights in Ukraine: realities and challenges after 20 years of independence". However, the said cannot fully ensure real improvements, because for now the main problem for Ukraine remains implementation of the adopted normative legal documents. These documents today are mostly declarative. They cover a wide range of activities in various fields, which often duplicate one another. Monitoring of their implementation although is carried out, but often it is formal, because it does not include specific indicators of performance of all assigned tasks. In addition, for implementation of most strategies and programs targeted funding is not foreseen.

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